Come home soon.

"Thanks so much for having me over Shannon, I’ll text you when I hear from Will." "Anytime Punkin, and yes please do! Drive safely!" After a hug from Shannon, and a nice quiet ride home, she got her phone call from Will. "Em? Hi sweetheart!" "Hi, Will! You finally arrived at your parents?" "Yes, i have! Just getting ready to jump in the shower." "Me too! Just got home from Shannon’s… I need some company for a little while." "That was nice!" "Yeah…I miss you." "I miss you too." "It’s our first night not sleeping together." "I know, i’m gonna miss you by my side too, but i’ll be home before you know it!" "14 more days.." "You’re adorable - When you get done with your shower, text me and we’ll skype before we go to bed." "Okay, Will. I love you!" "I love you too sweetheart." After a nice hot shower, for the both of them, Emma made herself a nice hot cup of tea and sat in bed, snuggled under the covers with her macbook. Immediately after logging onto Skype, she was getting her video call from Will. By the time they were done with their talking, it was already pretty late and Emma had to get to sleep for work tomorrow, so they said they’re goodbyes and Emma fell asleep.  Surprisingly, she was able to sleep, even when Will wasn’t by her side. A week went by and everything was going better than Emma expected it to. There were a few nights where she would toss and turn throughout the night, or when she made her lunch in the morning, she accidentally pulled out the box of cookies, but the glee kids and Shannon helped her as much as they could to fill the emptiness Emma was feeling in her heart. One day at glee practice, Emma was really feeling down, and the kids understood how much she missed Will, so they did whatever they could to make her feel better. "Hey Mrs. Schue, I miss Ms. Pillsbury" Finn would say every once in a while to her, and everyone including Emma would giggle. "Are you excited about the wedding Ms.Pillsbury?" Rachel asked. "I am, of course I am! And Mr.Schuester and myself, would love if you kids would be there, spending our special day with us." The kids cheered at the excitement of being welcomed and invited to their wedding. "Ms. Pillsbury? Are you and Mr. Schue going to write your vows to each other?" Kurt asked. "I assume, after his proposal to me, I can only imagine what he would say to me in our wedding vows." "I’m sure it will be perfect, I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the words he said to you. He’s a good guy, you’re very lucky to have him." Quinn said. "Well, thank you Quinn. That was very sweet of you to say, but I do really miss him." "Don’t worry Ms. P, Mr. Schue will be home in 4 days." Mercedes said. "I can’t wait!" Before Emma knew it, it was tomorrow. Emma was so excited and anxious to see Will, she just couldn’t control the butterflies in her stomach. She literally stayed up all night cleaning to make sure the house was cleaned for Will’s arrival home and to get herself distracted from the excitement she was feeling. 

Come home soon.

"You promise you’ll call?" "Yes.." "And text? … and email? … and Skype?" "Emma, I’m only gonna be gone for two weeks." Will was headed to his parents house for the next two weeks in New York and unfortunately, Emma couldn’t go with him. She was the one who was taking over Glee while he was gone. "I know, but two weeks is half a month if you think about it, and that’s two weeks of not seeing you during lunch at school, or dinner time, or before i go to sleep … what if i can’t sleep, i’ll suffer from insomnia, you know i can’t sleep without you next to me and…" She was vastly cut off by her ongoing rampage when Will approached her with a kiss. "I know two weeks is a long time Em, but that means when i get back, it will only be three more weeks until our wedding day, until you’re finally my wife, until you’re finally Emma Schuester." He said to her as he held her hand and touched his forehead to hers. He took in as much of her beauty as he could, while he wiped away the tears that fell down her cheeks. "I promise Em, there’s not going to be a day, or night, minute, or second go by that I’m not going to have you on my mind. I’m going to miss you as much as you’re gonna miss me. But I promise you we’ll do everything together, we’ll eat dinner together, (when i’m available) through the magic power of Skype, and we’ll say goodnight together." "That makes me happy…" Emma said, slowly weeping. "Plane ride to New York, boarding in 10 minutes, any passengers boarding that flight must be near the doorway ready to board the plane in 10 minutes!" Said the flight attendant. Will looked down at Emma, wiped away her tears one more time, and kissed her as passionately as he could. "I love you, Em." "I love you too, Will." He let go of her hand, and started walked away towards the door with his luggage, all perfectly neat and in order, thanks to Emma. "I’LL CALL YOU WHEN I ARRIVE IN NEW YORK!" He yelled. "YOU BETTER! HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT!" She yelled back. She started walking away when she heard one last shout from the sound of Will. "WHAT?" "I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!" Emma couldn’t handle the ache in her heart, but she knew he was coming back. On her way home from the airport, she stopped at Shannon’s, and was welcomed with open arms. Shannon tried to have a decent conversation with Emma, but her mind was in the clouds, literally. She just sat there, staring at her phone, waiting for it to vibrate. "So the other day, i went to the store, and i bought a monkey and i named it sally and we took a train and went to the beach and…" She continued, realizing Emma not even noticing that she was talking about some ridiculous story. "Emma, I’m sure he’ll call you. The flight from Ohio to New York, isn’t that long anyway. He’s probably just waiting to get home to his parents safely to call you." With that, her phone vibrates - it’s Will. "Hi Sweetheart - Bad weather in New York right now, hovering over JFK airport, not sure when we’re landing. I’ll let you know. xoxo Will." "Great…" She said with despair. "What’s the matter punkin?" "Will’s flight is currently hovering over JFK, due to bad weather. He’s probably exhausted, who knows how long they’ll be in the air for." "I’m sure it won’t be too long, it’s probably just a passing storm." "Yeah…" Emma said. An few minutes go by, a half hour goes by, an hour goes by… *Buzz buzz* Emma jumps out of her seat when she hears her phone go off, it’s now 8:04 PM. "Finally landed!!! Call you when i arrive to my parents house! - Will." 

7:00 on the dot was the time Emma was expecting Will to arrive home. Nationals was coming up soon, so Will has been having the kids stay after school for practice a little later than usual. Emma loves how much Will cares for the kids and how great of a father he will be to their children. Today in school, she noticed he was having a rough day. With Sue up his ass all the time, and him trying to focus on Glee and the set lists, and making sure everything is perfect and ready for their big competition and making sure Emma is feeling okay, it’s gotten too much for him. Emma could only think of one thing that would make his day/night 100x better, if she told him that she was pregnant with their baby. She didn’t have much of a baby bump yet, but when the baby kicked, you could feel it. But because of the minimum baby bump, nobody, not even Will could tell she was pregnant. So, she felt it was time, and with all her excitement, and thinking about how excited Will is going to be, she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. So, she set up a romantic meal for them, warm food, two candles and wine to celebrate. Just as she was pouring the wine into their glasses, Will walked in the door. “Hi sweetheart.” he said as he closed the door and took his jacket off. “Are, are we having a romantic dinner?” he said, crooked smile on his face. “I hope so, i mean that’s what i had planned, as you can see.” He smiled, and giggled and walked over to kiss her. “I missed you today.” he said. “I saw you at lunch silly!” “Yeah, but i still missed you.” She looked at him, and smiled. “You’re so adorable.” “As are you.” Will walked around to the other side of the table, sat down and Emma went along with Will’s conversation about his day and the glee kids. Once they were done eating, Will took the last sip of his wine, still looking at Emma, smiling excitingly from across the table. “Emma, are you okay?” “Of course, i am! I’m more than okay! I’m the happiest girl on the planet.” “I want to give you something.” She said as she pulled out a pink pamphlet from under the table. “Okay..” Will said, rather confused. Emma looked him, still innocent, to not give too much away, as she handed it to him. He read the cover of the pamphlet “What to expect when you’re expecting.” He said, out loud. He just stared at it for a while, to process what Emma had just handed to him, and if he was reading that correctly. He looked at Emma, who was turning red, with the biggest smile and tears forming in her eyes. “Emma, are you serious?” A smile forming on his face. “Yeah!” She said shakily and rather quietly. He walked around the table and sat next to the chair next to her. “Emma, you have to be sure. I mean you really have to be sure. You mean more to me than Terri ever did, and if you’re lying to me about this, just to stay with me, like she did, it’ll kill me.” he said, emotionally. “Will, I’m not Terri. I’m Emma, your wife. Who loves you with everything i am, and everything i ever hope to be. I know how much that killed you, what Terri did, and when I saw you that way, it killed me too, even when we weren’t together. We’re a team, I want you to trust me on this.” “I do trust you, i really do. It’s just hard to believe that it’s possibly real.” “Would you like me to prove it to you?” Will looked at her confused and she got up out of her seat, grabbed Will’s hand and walked over to the bathroom. “Emma, why are you taking me to the bathroom?” “It’s was very disturbing for me to do this about 20 times, but I just had to make sure I was pregnant before I told you.” She said as she pulled out a box of 20 pregnancy tests. “Ooooh, Emma.” He said looking quiet disgusted. “I know, it’s disgusts me too, but I couldn’t think of any other way to prove it to you.” He smiled as he grabbed her hand, walked back into the kitched, pulled the chair out for her and knelt down next to her. She said “I promise you Will, I really am pregnant. How can i fake 20 pregnant tests? I’ll let you come to the OBGYN with me, at every appointment and…” Right before she could finish that sentence she felt the baby kick and as soon as she felt the baby, she grabbed Will’s hand and placed it on her stomach. “Oh my god, Emma!” He said, as he started crying with the biggest smile on his face. “It’s happening! We’re actually going to have a baby, and i’m going to have the family i’ve always dreamed of!” “You deserve this Will, you are and will always be the best husband, and i know you’re going to be the best daddy to our baby.” “And you’re going to be this best mommy, just like you’re the best wife.” She kissed his little cold nose as she felt the tears run over it and whispered “I love you.

Will? Emma said as she walked in the door right behind him. He turned around and looked at her, shocked. He thought something was wrong. “Yeah…?” He said as he stared into her big brown beautiful eyes. “Uhm, I have something to tell you, and I can’t keep it in any longer…” She said as she walked in the door and hung up her coat. “Okay…” Will turned around and walked into the living room, turned both lamps on and put his brief case down on the side table next to the couch. He was worried, thinking Emma was hiding something from him that he wasn’t supposed to know. He sat down, and Emma followed. Smoothing out her skirt she sat down next to him, crooked smile on her face. Will just looked at her confused. “Will, You told me this before, but I haven’t told you. I’ve been waiting for the right time, and I think I’ve finally reached that point where I feel comfortable enough in this relationship to share this with you.” She sighed. “Today, As I saw you walk through the halls smiling at me from my office, and myself passing by the choir room seeing you singing with the kids, made me love you more then i did yesterday or the day before that. Not as much as when I first saw you, on my first day at McKinley but enough for me to say this to you.” Will’s face relaxed as if he was being blown away, and he was. He was sitting next to the love of his life, waiting for her response. “I just want to tell you…” She took and deep breath, and said “I love you.” Will’s eyes relaxed into little puppy dog eyes as he smiled, leaned in and kissed her.

Wow, it’s been a while!

But I’m back with more fanfictions to come! I’ve been reading alot lately, and since Will and Emma are officially back together, their stories on the show are just going to get better and better which will evolve more ideas! 

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Will and Emma Fanfic.

It was only their second date. Will was expecting Emma to gently knock on the door by 7:30. He was getting everything ready. He had the fireplace going, the pop corn popping, and the soft sound of music playing in the background. Every thing was nice and tidy for Emma’s arrival. He was in the kitchen, pouring two glasses of freshly made Iced Tea, one with a straw, one without. He brought the two cups into the living room, and put it on the coffee table next to the bowl of popcorn that he brought in before hand. As he put the coasters under neath the glasses, he heard someone knocking on the door. It was Emma. He got up and looked through the peephole. “Who is it…” He said. “It’s me, Will.” Emma said, giggling. “Who’s me?” “Emma. Your girlfriend.” Emma said, so graciously. Will smiled and couldn’t wait to open the door and grab her into his arms. He opened the door. “Hello, my lady.” He said to her in a british accent as he bowed to her. “Well hello Sir Will.” She went along with it, and curtsied back, with her eyes staring right into his. She got up and Will said “May i take your coat Ma’am?” “Why yes you may.” He took Emma’s coat and hung it up ever so gently. He grabbed her hand and they walked into the living room.It was very quiet, expect for the soft sound of music in the background and the sound of rain gently falling on the window behind them. The light’s were dimmed and it was very warm. “It’s so calm.” Emma said to Will as she fixed her skirt, sitting down on the warm couch. Will grabbed his drink and sat next to her. He couldn’t stop staring at her. “What?” Emma said giggling when she noticed that he was staring at her. “You know I love you right?” Will said so softly, grabbing both of her hands, while they laid softly on her lap. Emma looked down with a crooked smile and giggled. She looked up at Will and said “I never thought i was ever going to get my chance with you. From the minute i walked in those doors of McKinley and saw you walking down the hall on my very first day, and you just glared at me and kept on walking, from that very moment, that’s when i fell heads over heels in love with you, and i never stopped. And no matter what happens, I never will.” Will smiled, and put his drink down on the table. He looked at her, put his hand on the side of her head, softly touching her hair. He leaned in and kissed her as passionately as he could until Emma leaned back further and pulled away. Before he could say anything about her pulling away, she said to him “This could be a little weird for me, making out in a space that you shared with her, you know a place you made a fake baby in.” Will looked at her in disbelief, but then started to giggle at how adorable she is. He understood what she was saying. “But you see the thing is, I don’t care. I don’t care about Terri anymore, or our fake baby.” He said, giggling. “I only care about you.” 

Summer Rain.

It was a quiet hot evening at the Schuester residence. Will was just sitting down, by the fan, writing a new song of his, that reminded him of the relationship he had with Emma, and hopes to get that feeling of happiness he had with her back. He really did miss her. And he hasn’t spoken to her since he drunk dialed her. He figured that if he texted her, she might not answer back, so he called her. It rang twice, until he heard a soft voice. “Hello.” “Em?” “Yeah, Hi Will.” “Hey.” there was a sudden pause until Will said “Look, I know we haven’t spoken since i accidentally drunk dialed you, but would you be able to come over for a little bit. I wanna show you something that I’m working on.” “Oh, uh. Sure. I’ll be over in 15 minutes. Is that okay?” “Perfect. See you then!!” Will said as he hung up, surprised that she said yes. While he was waiting for her, he worked on his song some more. He hoped that Emma would like it as much as he did. As Emma got to the floor of his apartment, and got closer to his door, she heard someone singing, and knew it was Will. She knew his voice. She got closer to the door, and stood there listening to him sing to the words, “Let’s make love, in the summer rain.” Emma smiled, thinking that, that song was about her. As she was hoping it would be. Things weren’t going so well with Carl at home, she’s trying to avoid him as much as she can and i think that’s why she went to Will’s. And also because she loves Will. And the more time she spends with him, the happier it makes her and makes Will. She knocked on the door and two seconds later, Will opened it up, and there, standing at his front door, with a tank shirt and a short sleeved cardigan, capris and flats on was, Emma. “Hi.” Will said, ever so calmly. Emma stood there for a second and just stared at him, because the way he said “Hi” reminded her of the way he said it in her office when they first started dating. Emma was so lost in his eyes, that she just said “Hi” back and walked right past him, and never took her eyes off of his. Will was happy with the way things were already going. Emma sat down near his coffee table and picked up the lyrics to the song he was writing. “Summer Rain…” She said. “Did you write this?” She said to him with a smile on her face. “Uh, yeah, I did. That’s why i wanted you to come over. One, because we really haven’t talked very much, and I miss you and -” Before he could finish his sentence, Emma responded with an “I miss you too.” They just sat there, with a pause in between, until Will stopped himself from staring at her, even though he could stare at her forever, and continued his sentence. “I uh, I wanted you to come over. This is a song i just wrote and i wanted you to see it.” “What’s it about?” Emma said, as she stared at Will. “Well, uh, It’s about…” Will cleared his throat. “It’s about us, actually.” Emma sat there, and just smiled. “Its about a guy who has known this girl for so long but they’ve just been friends, and now he’s calling her up to tell her, that he wants more.” He said ever so softly as Emma stared at him and remembered that, that is what he said to her while they were dancing on their first date. “Wha-” Emma was speechless. She said as Will interupted saying, “Its a song about sex in the rain, making love in the rain.” There was a pause between them until they both bursted into laughter. He stood up and said “Come with me? I wanna take you somewhere.” “Oh, well okay.” Emma said with a smile on her face, as she grabbed Will’s hand. Will didn’t expect it to go this well, and neither did Emma. They walked out of his apartment, and went up the back staircase. It was pretty steep, but she just followed Will as he lead the way, even though she had no idea where they were going. They started getting higher up, and Emma started panicking. “Are you okay?” Will asked, as he turned around and faced Emma. “Uh yeah, It’s just really hot here.” Will giggled as he said “We’re almost there, I promise.” They got to the door, and before Will could open it, Emma giggled and asked “Will, where are you taking me?” Will smiled and opened up the door which was an entrance to the roof top of the building